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What We Offer

Full Marketing

As an author, you just want to write. 
We take care of the business portion of publishing. 
Our incredibly well-versed marketers can take your work and maximize your reach to readers.

A Partnership

As indies ourselves, we understand that it is the author that writes the words. 
Because of that, we make the smartest marketing decisions so you keep more of the dollars earned in your pocket.

Fabulous Books

With content editors, line editors, and proofers, we make sure that the product that leaves our publishing house has been perfected. 
Anne-Marie is well versed in the sweet romance genre and will help mold your manuscript into one that will hit its intended market.

Now Offering Author Consultation Packages for Every Stage of Your Career!

Meet the Team

The one-of-a-kind gals who LOVE everything about writing. 


Anne-Marie Meyer

Author and Founder

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Anne-Marie loves everything about writing. 


From finding great books to marketing them to their full potential, she started this publishing house to help other indie authors create a platform and take over the parts of publishing that authors don't want to do. 

Her favorite writing snack is Twizzler Bites and she LOVES to watch movies in her spare time. 

Give her a fabulous story with a swoon-worthy hero, and she'll be a happy camper.


Trisha Howard

Marketing Extrodinaire

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Founder of Howard Marketing Group, she decided to join Anne-Marie to take your book from drab to FAB!


Trisha's area of marketing expertise is widespread including AMS ads, FB ads, Instagram ads, Pinterest ads, Bookbub Ads, Book design, Design graphics, Newsletter design and formatting.


"I've always wanted to write, but it's just not in the cards for me. However, I can market writers; I can find target audiences that will convert through ads to purchase books!"


Trisha knows how to adjust to the market so your book finds its readers!

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Danielle' Dimond

Editor In Chief

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As an editor Danielle’ has a true knack for quickly being able to pick up on an
author’s individual style and adjust her editing finesse to ebb and flow with the
unique voice each writer brings to storybook paper. This is one of her favorite things about storytelling, she’s always going on about the phenomenon that you could give identical plot lines, and characters to two authors and get two immensely
different experiences. “It’s thrilling!” she says. “The only thing better than starting a
new book written by an author you’ve never read before is maybe eating cheesecake
right out of the pan, but even then, the book wont give me heartburn.” 

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